President Director’s MessagePT. Baruna Raya Logistics is a niche provider of offshore support marine vessels to offshore oil and gas companies. Safe operations, consistent performance and reliable service with 4 decades of experience has made Baruna Raya Logistics as one of Indonesia’s prominent offshore company amongst the major offshore oil and gas companies.The competitive strength of the company is the mix of offshore support vessels of 26 Crewboats, 15 Anchor Handling Tug and Supply (AHTS) and 4 Utility vessels. For maintenance support the company has its own workshop, warehouse with experienced and talented mechanics, welders, electricians, radioman to support operations in Jakarta and Balikpapan. Baruna Raya Logistics has established a track record in the offshore Industry in Indonesia because of expansion in the modern fleet, strong and experienced mariners, professionals and emphasis on corporate governance principles.Baruna Raya Logistics plans to be a total offshore marine support and logistics company in Indonesia. In the first phase of expansion, the company invested in 12 new offshore vessels. In the second phase, the company plans to purchase 23 new vessels especially for deep sea exploration. Prudent financial management, strategic alliances and trust from investors, Baruna Raya Logistics is geared to capitalize on growing energy demand.IR. Bambang EdiyantoPresident Director
AHTS & AHT SV. Garuda
Crew Boat CB. Bekisar
Crew Boat CB. Peacock Tiga
Crew Boat CB. Mandar
Crew Boat CB. Seriti
Crew Boat CB. Bangau
About PT. Baruna Raya Logistics
Member Of SBH Group
PT. Baruna Raya LogisticsJl. Melati No.37, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta 14230 IndonesiaE : (general enquires), (vessel enquires)P : (+62) 21 43931746, (+62) 21 4393 5823F : (+62) 21 435 1487, (+62) 21 43593 8803
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