Welcome to the offshore services website PT Baruna Raya Logistics (BRL) was founded on January 22nd, 1974 as a joint venture with Offshore Logistics Inc., from the USA. Since that time, the company has become a major operator of marine service vessels providing logistics support for offshore exploration, drilling, construction, production and other activities related to the offshore petroleum and mining industry and now the company developing its business in crew boats, anchor handling and supply vessels. The company now has 45 vesselsThe company is committed to provide a smooth and efficient operation for all vessels chartered by the oil companies. In fact, BRL is the only company in South-East Asia that owns shore-based maintenance facilities run by experience mechanics and supported by sufficient spare parts as part of its back-up operations.Based on the existing fleet and the delivery of new vessels including those built under the new investment plan, PT Baruna Raya Logistics’ CAPITAL EXPENDITURES can be summarized as follows:
  • Before 2008, Baruna Raya Logistics only have 33 vessels
  • Baruna Raya Logistics is under-going on ‘CAPEX’ Stage-1 in amount of USD 96 Million (12 new units) and the end of unit delivery on June 2011
  • Baruna Raya Logistics will plan to purchase 18 new units as Stage-2 and also needed the fund of USD 114 Million.
AHTS & AHT AHTS. Parakan
Crew Boat CB. Peacock Tiga
Crew Boat CB. Gelatik
Crew Boat CB. Colibri 1
Crew Boat CB. Peregrin
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PT. Baruna Raya LogisticsJl. Melati No.37, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta 14230 IndonesiaP : (+62) 21 4303823-25 | F : (+62) 21 435 1487, (+62) 21 43593 8803E : marketing@barunaraya.co.id
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