PT. BARUNA RAYA LOGISTICS thrust is to maintain and improve the quality of offshore shipping services in facing the free trade market.Recognized as one of the market leaders and the most experienced offshore Marine Service Company in the offshore support vessel industry, its core services include logistics support for offshore exploration, drilling, construction ,production and other activities related to offshore handling supporting Indonesia’s major oil fields.PT. BARUNA RAYA LOGISTICS’s competitive strengths lie in its shore based maintenance facilities, workshops and warehouse run by experienced engineers, mechanics and electricians.Currently the company owns and operates 48 Vessels consisting of Crew Boats, Supply Vessels, Utility Vessels and Anchor Handling Tug and Supply Vessels. Our vessels undergo a series of inspections and are fully certified for offshore activities. The company is currently in the works of adding brand new vessels to its already impressive portfolio.
Crew Boat CB. Salatiga
AHTS & AHT AHTS. Katalina
Crew Boat CB. Cocabora
AHTS & AHT AHTS. Kasuari
Crew Boat CB. Peacock Dua
AHTS & AHT AHTS. Harrier
About PT. Baruna Raya Logistics
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PT. Baruna Raya LogisticsJl. Melati No.37, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta 14230 IndonesiaP : (+62) 21 4303823-25 | F : (+62) 21 435 1487, (+62) 21 43593 8803E :
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